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Hoof care in the dairy industry

BoPro is committed to addressing herd lameness and prevention on farms. Our research team has been active between on farm and in the lab, to assess and understand the real challenges of hoof health in dairy herds.
“Lameness is not a single disease in dairy cows, but is a manifestation of a range of issues – making lameness control one of the greatest challenges in dairy farming. Lameness prevention, therefore, must be the key focus of dairy farm management and sustainable food production.”

Dr Mary Garvey, Toxicologist, IT Sligo

Hoof Care Solutions

the challenge

The challenge 

Lameness is the second largest dairy cow health challenge after mastitis in Ireland. It is an extremely painful condition and is responsible for up to a 30% reduction in milk yield. The condition occurs when a combination of bacteria from the ground enters the soft tissue in the cow’s heel, causing strawberry-like lesions to form. This makes walking painful. The presence on the ground of faecal matter and urine, further weakens the keratin structures in the hoof, deteriorating walking ability.

Hoof Care Solutions

Problems with traditional methods 

Traditional formaldehyde solutions work as masking agents which cover the effects of lameness by blocking the nerves, tricking the cow into thinking she’s not lame. In a prolonged period, lameness in the cow usually worsens and culling of cows is often the last resort for farmers. Improper use of Copper and Zinc Sulphate based solutions can cause a build-up of heavy-metals in the farm environment.

our solution

How Hoofed prevents the spread of lameness

Hoofed contains a synergistic blend of active ingredients and surfactants that are proven to prevent hoof degradation and strengthen hoof structure, even in heavily soiled footbaths. The unique formulation of ingredients in Hoofed target and penetrate the specific bacteria that cause lameness., while the low pH buffered solution protects and hardens the hoof from degradation over time.


Hoof Care Solutions
Hoof Care Solutions

How Hoofed is better for the environment 

Hoofed is fully water-soluble which significantly reduces its impact on the environment. It is also 100% Biodegradable. Additionally, Hoofed circumvents the need for antibiotics, thereby preventing the entering of antibiotics into the food system and ecosystem.

Safer for the environment, safer for the farmer, better for the cows. 

  • Effective at targeting disease causing bacteria
  • Targets the problem at source
  • Safer for the environment and you
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