5 steps to ensure hoof health in your herd

Hoof health

1. Ensure Overall Cow Health 

Ensuring the cows are kept healthy with adequate food and water supply is essential for optimal cow immunity. Observe cattle for signs of hoof infection, early detection and treatment will improve recovery time and minimise milk yield loss 

2. Claw Maintenance 

Proper claw trimming is an essential component of lameness control. Shorter claws are less prone to infection.

3. Underfoot Conditions 

It is pertinent that floors be washed and scraped, to remove urine and faecal matter which host infectious microbial species. Floors should be disinfected regularly and kept free from obstruction, so the animals do not cut or injure their heels.

4. Prevention Using Hoofed Baths

Prevention of digital dermatitis and related diseases requires excellent foot hygiene. Foot bathing using Hoofed is the most effective measure for preventing such diseases. 

5. Early treatment using Hoofed Baths

In the unlikely event that there is a breakout of lameness even after following the above steps, then it is essential treatment takes place within 24 hours. Apply Hoofed to the feet and leave the animals on a clean, dry surface post treatment to allow Hoofed to work on the feet. 




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