As a manufacturer of animal care products, we are often asked lots of random and unusual requests.

Over 18 months ago, we were approached by an international customer who had an interesting farmer request. The farmer wanted a customized teat spray for their 50-unit rotary parlour. That itself isn’t strange, as we often get people asking if it would be possible to change the essential oil to a different one or vary the volume level of emollients added to a teat spray.

So, we asked what exactly they were looking for. They wanted to know if they could get a non-colour spray. We queried why? They said it was because when the automatic sprayer was spraying the teat spray, any excess teat spray was clinging to parts of the parlour. And over time, the teat spray was leaving its own unique colour on the parlour.

Before we went any further, we contacted our customer again to find out if any other farmers would like another option, such as a no-dye teat spray created for them. They came back and said several farmers with robots installed, had shown similar interest.

Our team got to work in the lab and created a range of non-coloured teat sprays directly for use in rotary parlours and robot parlours. We now offer this option across the board to all our customers – from deep staining, to indicator, to complete non-coloured teat sprays. From that initial question to getting our product solution designed in our lab, to production, and to the farmer, only took a matter of months.



On the back of our customer’s willingness to listen to the farmer and help the farmer, our customer has now attracted several new dairy farmers who are looking for this same product option on their farm. We thrive in finding solutions and creating new products for our hard-working farming community.

Our new BóPro farmbassador, Cian Jobe, avails of the no-dye Bacto-Lac Teat Spray for use on his 50- unit rotary parlour in Ballymahon, Co. Longford. If you want to see more of what Cian and BóPro are up to, you can check out our BóPro Instagram page .



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